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Julie Cherry

I beleive Yoga should be afforable and accessible to all indivduals.
I want to empower everyone to find yoga in their daily lives; both on and off the mat.
Above all, I hope that participating in a POP-Up Yoga class encourages you to
begin or cultivate a personal yoga practice that fits your needs.
My main focus is to teach the proper structure of yoga poses so you may carry on with your
yoga practice in whatever venue you choose.

About Myself


My personal yoga practice began in 2011.  In 2017, I had the privilege to study under Arpita Shah, Owner and Founder of

OM Yoga Journey.  www.omyogajourney.com    August of 2017, I graduated with my Yoga Teacher Training 200 (YTT200) certification.


Continuing Education in the following categories: Teaching Therapeutic Adaptive Yoga, Chair Yoga, Structuring Your Beginner Class, Teaching Yoga to Older Beginners, and Using Props for Beginners to Deepen their Yoga Practice.

Yoga has taught me to be present, still, patient, humble, and more importantly to breathe. It has inspired me to live my life more mindfully.

Julie Cherry, RYT200


What is Pop-up RV Yoga?

Pop-Up Yoga gives people the opportunity to "pop-in" and experience a free yoga class in a relaxed, nonthreatening environment.

Due to COVID, Pop-up Yoga has now become Pop-up Patio Yoga.

In the privacy of my back patio I can lead individuals or a small group.

I am also available to teach small private patio yoga session at your patio.


Please contact me directly at: jewelscherry@gmail.com

Questions & Answers

What is Yoga?

      Yoga means 'union' or 'connection'.  Doing yoga connects your mind, with your body, and breath. In your     

      yoga practice you will do some stretching and movement as you breathe.  You will also have time for

      mindfulness where you will completely relax for a few minutes in a meditative state. There should never

      be any pain while doing your yoga practice.  You always listen to your body, the yoga instructor is there as

      your guide.

What type of classes are offered?

      Most classes will be beginner type, gentle yoga and chair yoga.  As a yoga instructor, I can guide

      you to a higher level of poses as well.

How do I sign-up to attend:

      Contact me directly with the info I have provided you.

What should I bring to class?

      A yoga mat and a smile!

       Water bottles are highly recommended

Yoga Etiquette (click on link)

Western Way - 2. (2).JPG

Western Way RV Resort

           January 2019

Private Home Yoga Class
          Spring 2019
Pop Up Yoga (2).JPG
Pop-Up Yoga RV
    August 2018
GS Yoga 101.jpg
Girl Scout Yoga 101 Class


"Yoga with Julie has increased my shoulder mobility. She has been the only instructor who has helped me position my feet correctly in warrior poses.  I can feel the improvement in my legs with a better stretch and balance. I enjoy the peace the breathing brings to my day and the time spent with Julie.

                                                                                          - N. Klucking, June 2021

"I had zero experience with yoga, but after a foot injury I drifted away from hiking. Julie encouraged me to try yoga. I love the gentleness of her approach and the adjustments she made to accommodate my own personal needs. Always the encourager she slowly moved me through gentle yoga moves which helped me control my breathing and move my body.  My philosophy has always been we can't all climb mountains, but we can do something to keep our body and mind fit. Thank you Julie for your knowledge and teaching through yoga."

                                                                                         - Z. Studt, June 2021

"I had the opportunity to begin my yoga practice with Julie the summer of 2017.  She gave me the confidence I needed to pursue yoga at a local studio.  I have bought a Groupon and now I am excited to begin my own journey."

                                                                                          - D. Buchanan, March 2018

"When I turned 55 I began practicing yoga on my own using the internet as my guide.

Unfortunately, it resulted in an injury. Through practicing with Julie I learned the importance of taking more time to warm up, and to set up my yoga sequences and poses properly.  These basic principles have helped me enjoy yoga more and remain injury free."

                                                                                       - T. Milbourn, October 2017

"It was so refreshing doing yoga at the campground.  There’s nothing better than yoga outside with the sun shining and the birds chirping; oh ya, and the ground squirrel running amongst us.  I really enjoyed it."                                                                                 - S. Chilcott, August 2017


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